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Let us help you take back your walk-in beer cooler. Our storage solutions give you specific locations for every product you sell – tapped or case products alike.

Durable, Long-Lasting Equipment

Increase Beer Cooler Storage Capacity by 40%

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No Warranty Claims in 28 Years

Our Story

Improving the storage space, safety, and organization of the walk-in beer cooler since 1994.

How It All Started

Founder & President Bill Dunnett Jr. started Cooler Concepts in June of 1994 while working for a local beer distributor in the suburbs of Chicago. While working on a strictly “KEG ROUTE” that delivered 1,000 kegs a week, he discovered there were not many options to safe keg storage.

While working on Christmas Eve of 1994 on that same beer truck, Bill dropped a keg of beer on his left foot from four feet off the ground. According to Bill, “The pain can be described as similar to childbirth in just one second.” Luckily for Bill, the keg landed wide ways rather than ring down. If it had landed ring down, Bill explained, “I would be called ‘Stubby’ today as it would have taken my toes right off.” With the experience of this horrific accident and seeing countless other unsafe beer coolers throughout Chicago, Bill was determined to find a way to safely store kegs.

His first objective was to find a platform that would be sturdy enough to withstand the abuse kegs give out on a daily basis. Using materials from a local scrap yard, Bill was able to come up with a patent for a platform that was built to handle all the wear and tear associated with storing kegs. From the time he applied for and was granted a patent, he actually found a less expensive way to build the support structure and it was easier to fabricate as well. Already with two small children and a new born, and with multiple bills to pay, Bill never received the patent after all. Despite this, he was able to put the extra money left over to better use.

Now, later, Bill and his team have embarked on countless projects and remodels, providing safety, efficiency, and flexibility to beer coolers in bars, breweries stadiums, hotels, casinos, and resorts across the country.

Our Philosophy

Everything we do as a company is based upon SAFETY, be it manufacturing or design. No one should have to go through what Bill did. We even created a shelving solution specifically related to safety. We created “THE NO LIFT SHELF’ just to take that aspect out of a customers’ daily duties with all the kegs placed along the floor.

Our Mission


To Make Your Walk-In Cooler A Safer Space

The walk-in cooler can be a dangerous place to navigate if you don’t have a well-thought-out floorplan in place. Our custom keg rack & shelving solutions help eliminate clutter, allowing for ease-of-access that helps significantly lower the risk of injury.

To Eliminate Wasteful Spending

Here are some numbers you’ll need to consider when managing your beer cooler. The cost of an average keg is typically around $150.00. The shelf life of a keg is anywhere from 45-60 days. More often than not, beer coolers are stocked with kegs that they either don’t need or will expire. By doing the beer math, we can tell you exactly how many kegs you’ll need, saving you thousands of dollars in the process. 


To Maximize Storage Capacity

Over the past , we’ve seen just how valuable every square foot of property is to a business. Through our research, we’ve estimated that nearly every 40 square feet of space equates to $56,000 in revenue. With our shelving solutions we can typically store up to 40% more product over conventional shelving, allowing establishments to operate within their space a lot more freely.


Years Of Experience

Warranty Claims

Projects Completed Annually

Kegs Shelved Per Year

What we do

Custom Engineered Keg Racks & Beer Cooler Shelving

Ready Ship Solutions

Choose from our four most popular custom beer shelf models; ready to be shipped out to you in just one single day after placing your order.

No-Lift Keg Storage

Looking to improve the safety of your beer cooler? Our No-Lift Keg Storage products minimize risk by placing your kegs securely on the ground floor.

Engineered Storage Solutions

With our extensive line of custom-
built beverage storage systems, you can reduce your cooler’s footprint by up to 40%.

Soldier Field - Chicago, IL

This project featured Cooler Concepts, Inc.’s Original Double Deep Shelving around the interior perimeter. This location’s Fifth Floor beer cooler measured 324″ wide x 276″ deep, boasts 142 individual beer lines, with 332 total tappable kegs stored.

The Score - Grand Rapids, MI

The Score, a bar in northern Grand Rapids, MI was adding 104 taps to their current 24 tap count. A large walk-in cooler dedicated to kegs was being configured for the front of the bar as a showpiece integrated into the design of the bar. The shelving design was redesigned several times based upon our collaboration and consulting, to configure the most safe,  aesthetic, and optimal storage layout.

Champps - Indianapolis, IN

This project is Champps’ Downtown Indianapolis location. The left wall of the cooler shows Double Deep Keg Shelving with EZ Reach Panels and Raised Case Shelving. The right wall, also, has mostly Double Deep Keg Shelving with the exception of the unit closest to door which is Single Deep Keg Shelving, due to a narrow door wall right return. The right wall also has EZ Reach Panels and Raised Light Duty Shelving.


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