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Brookland pint

Location: Washington, D.C.

Project Date: 2014

Profiles Used: XLD (6)

Goal: To put the cooler front and center, displaying high-end beer on display

fatpour tap works

Location: Ukrainian Village (Chicago), IL

Project Date: 2012

Profiles Used: SKSRP / SKS

Goal: Enhance the total look of their cooler by displaying extra kegs at multiple tiers inside

Local Public Eatery

Location: Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Canada

Project Date: 2015

Profiles Used: SKSTCS / ISMP

Goal: Showcase their beer selection by placing it behind a glass (3-sides) walk-in cooler.

Parkstone Cascade

Location: Portland, OR

Project Date: 2014

Profiles Used: DKSRCSSKS

Goal: Use a combination of empty and live kegs as a window display for customers

whole foods

Location: Willow Brook, IL

Project Date: 2015

Profiles Used: SKSRP / XKS / XLD

Goal: Improve the aesthetic of the display cooler for interested shoppers

the score

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Project Date: 2014

Profiles Used: DKSFFP / SKS

Goal: For the large walk-in cooler to act as a showpiece positioned at the front of the bar for seated guests

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