Location: Cincinnati, OH

Project Date: 2011

Profiles Used: SKSTCS / DKSRCS

Goal: Store more kegs in an already cramped cooler, and provide a safe working aisle for the employees

Billy's Chowder House

Location: Wells, ME

Project Date: 2010

Profiles Used: NLD

Goal: Allow enough room for the beer controls to be easily accessed beneath the keg shelf in the walk-in cooler

Blackfinn American Grille

Location: Washington D.C.

Project Date: 2012

Profiles Used: DKSRCSEZ / SKSTCS

Goal: Properly store 92 kegs, 123 cases, and other miscellaneous bottle storage


Location: Watertown, MA

Project Date: 2016

Profiles Used: DKSRCSEZ

Goal: Provide a keg rack solution that is both practical and visually appealing for customer’s sitting on a nearby patio

buffalo wild wings - bradley

Location: Bradley, IL

Project Date: 2007

Profiles Used: DKSRCS / DKSRLD

Goal: Make life easier for staff members who frequently visit the large beer cooler for new kegs and beer cases

buffalo wild wings - chicago ridge

Location: Chicago Ridge, IL

Project Date: 2009

Profiles Used: DKS / DKSRLD

Goal: Provide a shelving solution with room for 88 kegs, 396 cases, and misc. bottle storage 

buffalo wild wings - frankfort

Location: Frankfort,  IL

Project Date: 2004


Goal: Maintain a safe working environment by creating a clear aisle and doorway path inside the cooler

buffalo wild wings - orland park

Location: Orland Park, IL

Project Date: 2012

Profiles Used: DKS / DKSRCSEZ / SKSTCS

Goal: Use the Draft Beer Analysis (DBA) to determine better ordering methods and storage options

champps - downtown indianapolis

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Project Date: 2011


Goal: Incorporate the use of EZ Reach Panels to make beverage controls easily accessible for operators

famous dave's - evergreen park

Location: Evergreen Park,  IL

Project Date: 2014

Profiles Used: SKSTLD

Goal: Supply multiple shelving options equipped with intelligent beer product-specific design

giordano's - navy pier

Location: Chicago, IL

Project Date: 2015

Profiles Used: DKSDCS / XKS

Goal: Fit 28 slim kegs, 10 cases, and misc. bottle storage into a rather tight cooler space with little room for maneuvering

giodano's - oakbrook

Location: Oakbrook Terrace, IL 

Project Date: 2015

Profiles Used: SKS / XKS

Goal: Make the cooler space more organized, spacious, and efficient for bar staff to get in and out of

hacienda - co springs

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Project Date: 2013

Profiles Used: SKS / XKS

Goal: Use a no-lift solution to improve safety and efficiency for all those operating within the walk-in beer cooler

mellow mushroom - coralville

Location: Coralville, IA

Project Date: 2015

Profiles Used: DKSRCS / CLD(4)

Goal: Accommodate enough storage space for a large selection of bottled beer  products

old chicago - chapel hill

Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Project Date: 2014

Profiles Used: DKS / NLRLD1CS

Goal: Design a beer cooler that has to save up enough space for an operation that has 36 taps available.

parkstone cascade

Location: Portland, OR

Project Date: 2014

Profiles Used: DKSSCS / SKS(2)

Goal: Incorporate display window shelving for both operational and empty beer kegs

row 34

Location: Portsmouth, NH

Project Date: 2015

Profiles Used: DKSFFP / SKS

Goal: Supply the walk-in cooler with shelving that works seamlessly with their beer system setup

dancing marlin

Location: Frankfort,  IL

Project Date: 2015

Profiles Used: RKSRCS

Goal: Allow for clean passage to reach beverage products that are located in a hallway just outside the cooler

stoney point grill

Location: Mokena, IL

Project Date: 2016

Profiles Used: NLRLD2CS / NLS / DKSRCS

Goal: Maximize the limited space available by storing kegs along the floor and miscellaneous bottle and case products directly above

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