Sizes Available: 48″, 50″, 52″, 54″

Sizes Available: 64″, 66″, 68″

Sizes Available: 80″, 82″, 84″, 86″

MODEL: YKS (29" Saddle Keg Shelf)

This  29″ deep keg shelf has enough storage space for 3 half-barrel kegs in a 2-1 (Y) saddle formation on both the ground floor and main shelf.

MODEL: YKSRCS (29" Saddle Keg Shelf Raised Case Shelf)

Store kegs along the ground floor, on the main shelf at 31.5″ high, and cases on the 24″ deep case shelf (67.5″ AFF).

MODEL: YKSRLD (29" Saddle Keg Shelf Raised Light Duty)

Similar to the YKSRCS, this 29″ deep keg shelf has a 24″ light duty shelf directly above the main keg shelf and 66.25″ off the cooler’s ground floor.

MODEL: YHDKS (29" Saddle Health Department Keg Shelf)

Keep kegs securely off the ground floor with the YHDKS. Both shelves (6.5″ AFF & 37.5″ AFF) on this model are capable of holding three (3) Sixtel kegs deep.

MODEL: YHDKSRCS (29" Saddle Health Department Keg Shelf Raised Case Shelf)

Hold your kegs securely on either shelf in saddle formation and your cases up top on the raised case shelf (73.5″AFF).

MODEL: YHDKSRLD (29" Saddle Health Department Keg Shelf Raised Light Duty)

This versatile shelf has room for three Sixtel (5.2 gallon) kegs deep on either shelf and bottle storage up top.

MODEL: RKS (24" Keg Shelf)

At 24″ deep, the RKS has just enough room for two (2) Sixtel (5.2 Gallon) kegs, two (2) deep front-to-back.

MODEL: XKS (10" Keg Shelf)

For operators who have limited space, the XKS is a perfect solution. This 10″ deep keg shelf at 31.5″ AFF holds one (1) Sixtel (5.2 gallon) deep.

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