We’ve worked out all the math, now let us find a way to efficiently and safely stock your beer shelves



How Many Kegs Will I Need For My New Bar?

You want to allow for the number of products on tap and multiply that by three. For example, 12 taps would require up to 28-30 kegs. Eight of the taps require two (2) kegs, and four of their most popular brands need at least three (3) kegs each.


What Size Walk-In Beer Cooler Will I Need For That Many Kegs?

Using the example from above, you would need a 96 wide x 96 deep (OD) cooler to hold that much product for one week.


What Else Can I Store With Kegs?

You want to allow space for your case beverages above the tapped products, and some individual bottle storage for wine, liquor, etc.

What is Beer Math?

BEER MATH was developed while talking and listening to the end users of thousands of projects around the country. We gather their  data (how many ounces they pour in 1 week of all draft products) and what other specific needs are, and then design a walk-in cooler shelving solution to handle those storage needs (tapped kegs plus back ups) for a 1-week time frame. From Mom & Pops to Stadium type venues – they all have specific usage levels based upon the number of taps in their walk-in beer cooler. 

So the Beer Math gave us the formula what we now call the Draft Beer Analysis (DBA). We take the end users data and then analyze that data and formulate a proper beer cooler shelving solution based upon that usage. What we have found out through the years is that no matter how many taps you have in your beer cooler, 1/3 of those taps will move (faster movers) and the other portion of product (slower movers) will try to catch up.

With that data in hand, we then place the faster moving products along the floor and the less popular products on the main shelf. The only  time an employee has to lift a keg is when they move an empty keg onto the floor.

 Beer Math allows us to reduce a new walk-in beer coolers footprint up to 40%.  



With our shelving solutions, we can typically store up to 40% more product over conventional shelving.


A past project involved a client who had 42 beers on tap and 95 kegs in the beer cooler. After running a Draft Beer Analysis (DBA), we discovered that they were holding 30 extra kegs during the weekend they did not need. At $150.00 per keg, that cost adds up to $4,500.00 each week that they were spending needlessly.


We design shelving solutions to place the faster moving products below and the slower moving products above so the employees only lift a 30 # empty keg off the shelf. We also weld a keg stop  at the back of every main shelf to ensure the kegs never damage the beverage components or the walls.


Take back your walk-in beer cooler. Our storage solutions give you specific locations for every product – tapped or case products alike. You will also have a clear working aisle the entire depth or width of the cooler.       


From receipt of the purchase order to the date shipped in as little as 3 weeks. We also have our READY SHIP PROGRAM that ships out in just 1 day. These solutions are for our SINGLE DEEP OR DOUBLE DEEP keg racks without a top shelf.


Our products are built to last and last they do. In 30 years we have never had a single warranty claim. Buy it right once and never replace it.  Come see why more designers use Cooler Concepts for their major projects across the US and Canada. 


At Cooler Concepts, we firmly believe in manufacturing custom beer shelves that are engineered to last a lifetime, without the need to replace or remodel the equipment that is housed in your walk-in cooler.

Customer Testimonials

“When we set out to create the largest draft offering in Chicago with the original Old Town Pour House, the first question we had to ask ourselves was, ‘where are we going to put all of those kegs?’ Like most operators, our space was at a premium and with a draft-only concept, we could not afford to dedicate too much or too little space to keg storage. Cooler Concepts not only solved that problem for our original location but also worked with us to refine and develop a comprehensive solution that we then rolled out to 15 locations across the country.

Now, our storage system sits at the heart of our design with windows that display all of our kegs to every guest that visits an Old Town Pour House or City Works location. Bill and his team worked tirelessly to help create a system we could display proudly, and have been true partners throughout our national expansion. I can honestly say our brand simply could not have grown the way we did without them. As a company, we manage over 1500 tapped beer lines and blow through over 1000 kegs a week in our coolers. For the past 10 years, Cooler Concepts has stood up to that challenge and provided a complete solution that has proven to be worth its weight in liquid gold!”

Jason Akemann

Partner, Bottleneck Management - Chicago, IL

“I was tasked with finding some keg shelving for the soon-to-be remodeled lobby bar – Kitty O’Shea’s. After doing some research and asking around, I found Cooler Concepts. Bill was very prompt in getting onsite for measurements and asked specific questions about storage requirements. After seeing several options, I picked the one that would serve us the best. In just 2 weeks’ time, Bill was back to install the shelving.  It did exactly what Bill said it would do. It fit perfectly and stored the amount of product we needed.  The process was quick, efficient, and very thorough from start to finish. Bill had shown me some pictures of other jobs he had done around Chicago, but nothing prepared me for their heavy-duty construction and the durability of these keg racks. I have but one word to describe these shelves – BULLETPROOF!”                    

william bocelli

Head Engineer, Chicago Hilton and Towers

 “While working for Bennett Enterprises, we were expanding with a new concept that involved  30 beers on tap. We also had to have enough case storage as well for our weekly sales volume.  I found Cooler Concepts on the web and contacted Bill.  Bill talked me through the various storage options and presented us with what he thought would work for us.  Never having actually seen the shelving, only via pictures, I was looking forward to seeing them in place. Bill drove out from Chicago and installed the shelving on the agreed-to date.  After seeing them in person and how they exactly fit the cooler, pictures really do not do them justice. This is truly the only beer shelf without a shelf life!”


Director Of Operations, Bennett Enterprises - Toledo, OH

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