Sizes Available: 48″, 50″, 52″, 54″

Sizes Available: 64″, 66″, 68″

Sizes Available: 80″, 82″, 84″, 86″

MODEL: NLS (17" No Lift Single)

Easily add and remove kegs with the NLS. Store additional cases with a 17” deep case shelf at 43.5” AFF.

MODEL: NLR (24" No Lift)

With a 24″ case shelf, replace kegs with ease. The NLR can increase storage capacity by 40%. 

MODEL: NLRLD3 (24" No Lift Light Duty 3 Tiers)

For larger case storage needs, the NLRLD3 features 3 tiers of light duty shelves while maintaining easy keg access.

MODEL: NLRLD1CS (24" No Lift Light Duty Case Shelf )

Add an additional level of storage with the NLRLD1CS. Stack beer cases, bottles, and cans, above your easily accessible kegs.

MODEL: NLSLD3 (17" No Lift Light Duty 3 Tiers)

The NLSD3 gives operators the extra storage they need with 3 tiers of light duty shelving, with a small footprint depth of 17″.

MODEL: NLRLD2CS (24" No Lift Light Duty 2 Tiers Case Shelf)

On top of the No-Lift Keg Shelf, the NLRLD2CS features two light duty shelf tiers with an additional case shelf on top.

MODEL: NLSLD1CS (17" No Lift Single Light Duty Case Shelf)

When it comes to adding more storage in less space, the NLSLD1CS can do just that.

MODEL: NLSLD2CS (17" No Lift Single Light Duty 2 Tiers Case Shelf)

Bring more beer into your cooler with the NLSLD2CS, featuring two light duty shelves and case storage.

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