Sizes Available: 48″, 50″, 52″, 54″

Sizes Available: 64″, 66″, 68″

Sizes Available: 80″, 82″, 84″, 86″

MODEL: DKS (Double Keg Shelf)

One of our most popular models, the DKS  stores two (2) ½ barrels of beer, front-to-back, on both the ground floor and the main shelf.

MODEL: DHDKS (Double Health Department Keg Shelf)

The DHDKS model helps keep all your kegs off the floor with shelves at 6.5 and 37.5 inches above the ground floor.

MODEL: DHDKSRCS (Double Health Department Keg Shelf Raised Case Shelf)

Maximize space with the DHDKSRCS, equipped with two keg shelves and a third top tier shelf designated for case storage.

MODEL: DHDCSRP (Double Health Department Case Shelf Raised Panel)

To make things easier on your staff, the DHDCSRP features a built-in raised beverage panel for convenient beverage control access.

MODEL: DKSFFP (Double Keg Shelf Front Facing Panel)

Complete with a forward-mounted beer control panel, the DKSFFP moves all the beverage controls off the wall and places them in a spot that’s easy to make adjustments. 

MODEL: DKSRCS (Double Keg Shelf Raised Case Shelf)

At just 67.5″ above the ground floor, the raised case shelf on the DKSRCS is a great spot for keeping all your beer products on one convenient shelving unit. 

MODEL: DKSRLD (Double Keg Shelf Raised Light Duty)

This versatile shelf not only stores your kegs efficiently but there’s also a designated shelf specifically for bottled products.

MODEL: DKSRCSEZ (Double Keg Shelf Raised Case shelf E-Z Reach)

The E-Z reach panel on the DKSRCSEZ is well within reach at just 62″ off the floor and 16″ away from the beer cooler aisle.

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