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Bolster your beer cooler's keg storage system with The KEG Lifter
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Working within beer cooler storage for over 30 years now, we have seen several attempts from others to develop keg lifting devices that just can’t fulfill all of the demands for proper keg beer handling. Either the footprint is too large to maneuver within the beer cooler, the lift requires the bottom tier of the kegs to remain off the floor to maintain clearance for their front wheel supports, or the lift doesn’t bring the keg up close enough to the shelf and requires the operator to still lift or handle the keg onto the shelf. Our keg lifter works with all shelving manufacturers and can swiftly bring the keg up to a maximum of 45″ off the floor and place the entire keg onto the shelf without any operator assistance.

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Highly Durable

The KEG Lifter is constructed of welded heavy steel components, comes with standard locking rear casters, and has a max lifting capacity of 175lbs.

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small footprint

With a small 18″ turning radius, The KEG Lifter has the smallest footprint in the industry, allowing you to work in the tightest of beer cooler aisles.

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No need to manually crank a winch to get the keg up to the shelf, simply use our 12 V Electric Drill with 4mAh Battery Pack provided to handle lifts of up to 45″.

built for any beer cooler

The Keg Lifter by Cooler Concepts has a small 18″ turning radius, for the tightest of beer cooler aisles. With two 4″ fixed wheels in the front and two 4″ swivel wheels (locking) in the rear, the lifter can easily pivot into position.


Reach out to our expert staff to learn more about The KEG Lifter and how it can drastically enhance your beer cooler storage system.

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