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Location: Hammond, IN

Project Date: 2008

Profiles Used: DHDCSRP

Goal: Remove all of the kegs off the floor, store cases above, and find a way to place the beer controls closer to the actual kegs that were being used


Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Project Date: 2013

Profiles Used: DKSRLD / SKS

Goal: Clean up and better organize their beer cooler so aisles aren’t blocked and stored products are at convenient heights for easy access

Four Winds Casino

Location: New Buffalo, MI

Project Date: 2013

Profiles Used: DHDKSRCS

Goal: Create a walk-in beer cooler setup that suitable for bulk warehouse storage, capable of housing 44 kegs and 128 cases

hollywood casino

Location: Toledo, OH

Project Date: 2013

Profiles Used: DHDCSRP

Goal: Provide clear working aisles, remove the need to lift kegs, and present easy access to the beverage controls for the operator

New York New York – Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Location: Las Negas, NV

Project Date: 2008

Profiles Used: DHDKS

Goal: Increase storage space from 20 kegs to 44 tappable kegs

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