No-Lift Keg Storage


No Lift Keg Shelf


  • 16″ deep light duty shelf at 42.25″ AFF.
  • 17” deep case shelf at 56.5” AFF.
  • Case shelving rated at 125lbs sq.ft.
  • Welded structural steel construction
  • Hot dipped galvanized finish standard on all pieces.
  • Assemble with Grade 5 hardware (included).


  • Allows for bulk case and individual bottle storage above tapped keg.
  • Compatible w/ keg dolly package
  • 18″ clearance for beverage panel placement
  • Designed size specific for beer products
  • Can increase storage capacity up to 40%
  • Easy to assemble modular components
  • Constructed to allow for maximum air flow, drainage, and prevention of debris build up
  • Alternate finishes available
  • Leveling feet available for uneven floors
  • Weight distribution pads available for reinforced floors
  • Rear safety flats available for cooler component protection
No Lift Keg Shelf

increase storage capacity by 40%

Every square inch is valuable when it comes to your back-of-house operation. Our shelves help reduce your cooler’s footprint up to 40%, freeing up much need space for your business.

easy to assemble components

Putting together your keg shelf shouldn’t be a hassle, that’s why each one of our shelves comes with easy-to-assemble modular components.

premium safety features

To ensure the safety of staff moving and storing kegs in your walk-in cooler, the no-lift keg shelf places kegs on the ground floor, significantly lowering the risk of injury while moving and rotating kegs in and out of your cooler.

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